Plumbing Supplies

If you have a plumbing project, we have the right products for you to complete it.   Rivertown Do-it Center’s plumbing department features experienced help to make that difficult plumbing project easier for you.  We pride ourselves in assisting our customers with that difficult hook up.  Many customers come into the store and say I need to hook this to that piece, can we do it?   It may be a simple fitting or maybe three or four but we will find a way to make it work for you….another “Advantage Rivertown Do-it Center”.

We offer a complete line of Genova Plastic pipe, galvanized and black pipe, sink and bathroom drain hookups, grab bars, garbage disposals, water filters, toilets and toilet seats, water heaters, kitchen, bathroom and shower faucets and hook ups.  If you do not see the right one for you on our floor, ask one of our staff members to show you what we can order from our warehouse within  2- 3 days.  We can make sure you have the right product.

Did you know that we thread and cut our black and galvanized pipe to your specifications to match your project needs?  Not only that, but we will cut our many sizes of plastic pipe so you only pay for what you need……”Advantage Rivertown Do-it Center”.

How can we help you with your next plumbing project?

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