Hardware Supplies

When you think of the old time hardware store with the creaking floors, full shelves, one on one service and then you look at the modern hardware store with all the bright colors and fancy merchandising, an item for any project, we want you to think of us, Rivertown Do-it Center. We are a blend of each and bring out the best of both with our mix of merchandise, friendly hometown service, and the desire to get you the right product for your project…..and if we do not call you by your first name, we will.

Our hardware department features product names such as National Hardware, Schlage, Dexter and Kwikset locks, Hillman screws and bolts, Do-it Best nails, Freedom Rail and KV shelving, Fiskars and Seymour shovels to name just a few name brand items that we carry in stock for your everyday project.

Some customers will come into the store and ask, “Don’t suppose you have any of these?” or “I bet you can not help me with this”. Eight times out of ten, to their amazement, we have the right product or a similar item that will do the project. We strive to stock the hard to find items that you expect from your experienced hardware store.

Try us out and see if we can help you with your next hardware project. You will be glad you did.

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